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3 things you should never do with your scar

What is so important NOT TO DO when you have a scar, 3 very important things to know!

So often in my daily work since years with scars treatments and scar healings people asking me "please tell me what is good for my scar and what i have to do". But what is also so important for improving your scar healing or to improve the aesthetic appearance of your scar, is what you definitely should avoid.

Here are the most important DONT´S for your scar and i will explain why!


Never massage a scar on itself in the red area, especially not strong, hard or with any stretching effects as it is often recommended by doctors, tutorials and health practicians. A scar is healing in 4 different phases about minimum 8- 24 months, this is very individual and also related to the trauma, the size and your own healing conditions.

The healed structures are sensitive and are needing the right and gentle support. Doing too much with your scar, wrong or to close to the healing tissues, can cause new traumas, inflammations, will easy damaging the regeneration process of your cell system, or are delaying and stopping the healing process itself.

Having a scar means you had a trauma in your system, so your healing system needs the right support and no more stress.

2. The application of WRONG PRODUCTS

How often i see that my clients are using the wrong cremes, gels, oils, pads or plasters also tapes on their fresh and healing scars with the intention to doing something good for the healing and improving of their scars. When i checking than the products i often can't recommend them, they damaging more the regeneration and the healing process of the scar than supporting it.

Its important to understand, that in a healing process you need the right nutrition as well the whole body from food ( i will write about that in a separate article) than for feeding right things to the scar tissue.

So would you put any perfume or mineral oil and chemical based products on a healing wound from your heart, kidney or liver? Your answer will be direct a NO! But people do it on their scars. Many of this products are full of artificial and chemical substances.

What is your skin? Its our biggest organ and a scar is a trauma on the way of healing. So its so important what you offer your skin while healing a trauma and a scar to get a perfect result. Its nothing else than give your skin the right and perfekt kind of "food" (skin care), to ensure the perfect support your skin cells and deeper layers will get what they need to heal out perfect.

3. The AVOIDANCE from thermal stimuli on the new scar tissues

Sun, hot baths long showers or sauna/ steam bath are too much stress for the new and healing scar tissues. Too long thermal stimuli on the scar and scar surrounding parts of your body are a huge stress for your lymph and immune system. Both are important for a good healing process and should be kept always in a well balance. the new young scar tissues are very sensitive and don't have enough protection strategies yet for too much uv radiation.

Cover the scar with cloths or use sun blockers. Take short showers and avoid long baths or sauna treatments the first 4-6 months.

The lymph system is the most important healing system for the regeneration of wounds and scars. Long and hot stimulations of our body lower the important capacity of our lymph system and reduces that way of a fast and well working healing.

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