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Why scar treatments? Who needs it & when is the best time to start with?

Aktualisiert: 12. Mai 2022

Suddenly life can change in a minute, you have an accident or you planning a surgery. After that you have a scar as an result of your trauma. a scar isn't what you only see on the surface., its one 10% of your scar.

There are many structures involved and all of them have to recover and to heal.

Do you know that a scar is healing in 4- 5 phases and needs mostly 12-18 months.

Lots of scars never get any help or healing support. One of the main reasons why they are as they are.

A beautiful scar is a healthy scar which is healed out. Many of them > 60% are not and appear as:

- swollen

- red

- like a worm

- stiff & not flexible

- hard or fixed on one side

- painfull

- weather sensitive

- sensitive on touchings or contact to cloths/shoes

and a lot of nun comfy issues more.

As an expert that field, i saw and learned how important it is, to support and care for scar on a preferably daily base. Only 5-10 min per day make a huge difference.

That means that scars can have a support in all their 4- 5 healing phases. each of them have different needs.

Thats why its important to offer your scar exactly to the right time, the right scar healing method or concept.

The good news are, its never to late to start it, if you want to improve it. But for sure the easier you start, the better result you can approach.

I studied the healing of scars about many years, what i can tell you from my daily work is, that you can support the scar healing support 12h- 24h after the trauma, means after the accident or surgery if there are no contraindications like an infection, fever, weakness...

Maybe you wonder and thinking "OH GOSH NO WAY" this will hurt, no, no!

You are right, if you only put your focus on the scar itself. I know that scars take an huge effect on all parts of the body, mind & soul. Cause of the connection of fascia -, nerve and lymph system, there is not only "the scar or a wound".

That means that its possible to support your scar healing in a distance farer away from your actual trauma. For example the lymph activating techniques and nerve calming treatments have an huge effect on the cell-, and tissue regeneration.

This takes an huge difference on your healing journey.Your positive side effects by the way are a faster healing time, less pain, faster being "back to normal", prevention of late scar related chronically health problems and functional health, beautiful scar.

The bad news are you have to invest time. and a bit money to learn it and for some supplements, creams and oils.

The good news are its not too expensive and to invest in yout health and body is always a very good choice.

By the way you not need to fly anymore to GERMANY to get this wonderful treatment & concept.

i developed a special ONLINE SCAR TREATMENT concept, on which i train you in 4 session one to one how you individually can treat your scar and DAILY improve it with your own hands. Individual and easy to apply.

Hundreds of my clients worldwide are so happy to find me and the way i can support them with my concept.

Don't hesitate to CONTACT ME:

+90 553 059 72 95 Whats App or via Mail or Instagram, Facebook: Narbengueck/ Narbenglück

Once a "MEMBER OF NARBENGLÜCK" you will have always access to me and my knowledge. During the scar healing Method concept as well.

My online concept follows the "GERMAN WAY" high quality, knowledge & a great system.

Its a 4 step program, with 4 sessions each about 25-40 min. for the 4 healing phases all scars need to heal out. Price for my package is 299$.

How does it works in detail?:

1. you contact me and send me picture from you scar telling me your problem, or what you want to improve. This first step is FOR FREE!

if you are planning a surgery, i will instruct you before what you directly can do 12 h after your surgery to push the healing.

2. if you decide to follow my concept you will book the online healing method package including my 4 step program. We online meet all 2-4 weeks for an online scar treatment consulting. There individuals will learn from me all what your scar exactly needs to become a perfect one. It contains as well exercises, breathing techniques, recommendations for supplements, diet, products, oils, cremes 6 lots of other helping supports for your scar(s).

On top i am online reachable for all kind of your scar related questions.

3. After we finished the 4 step online program and you need support i am only one klick far to answer your questions and to support you the rest of the healing time.

If you need more one to one consultations you can book it in single sessions ( 99$ for one 20-40 min.)

4. once being a client, you will always have an access to my knowledge as a "MEMBER of THE SCAR HEALING METHOD"and all around scars and their healing, best products and more.

5. as a member you always can ask me questions about scars or scar related problems, it will be my pleasure to help and support you.


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