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my scars after brestaugmentation, brestreduction, liposuction or tumytuck surgery aren't healing !

Aktualisiert: 16. Aug. 2020

How often i see unhappy clients cause of their not well healing scars. First of all you should know, that nearly each scar if big or very small needs time to heal. Mostly 12 months. If its a bigger or deeper one after a big TRAUMA, than longer, 18-24 months.

This time is needs for your structures to reorganise and to get backt to a normal body balance in a 4 phase process about one year.

At the beginning of each scar healing process in phase 1 you will have an inflammation. Without inflammation there is no healing, its a natural stepstone in your trauma & scar recovery.

There can be many more reasons why your body is not working exactly well in this phase and it can be one of the main reasons for your incomplete scar recovery.

Beautiful scars went all through the 4 phases without any complications. If not your scar will stuck in one of them "LIKE FROZEN " and than will be unable to come in the next one healing and recovery phase. Therefore it doesn't matter if your scar is 6 months old or 5, 10, 20 or older.

Thats why your scar, independently from your age and the age of your scar, is able to recover and fulfilled the complete healing process till you have a beautiful one, if your scar will get the right support.

A beautiful aesthetic scar is always a healthy one in all its body functions too.

My whole concept is based on my more than 15 years work with scars and my huge knowledge about the healing, is the best ways to support them, the most efficient products, techniques, exercises, platers, tapes, if and when using ultrasound, accupuncter, moxa, microelectricity, which oils, which supplements or homeopathic creams, pills, and drops.

Now i developed an online scar treatment concept, were you can learn the best of my scar techniques for your own scar recovery.

TEXT ME for more questions or help:

+ 90 553 053 72 95 first consultation is FREE OF CHARGE

I am a scar expert well trained in GERMANY, founder of the scar healing method 6 concept.

Training medical professionals and therapists ( doctors, physiotherapists, midwifes, osteopaths) on my programs in workshops and seminars worldwide.

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