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Does your scar has an aesthetic or functional problem? Test it now!

Aktualisiert: 14. Aug. 2020

Do you want to find out if your scar has a problem and can cause more in your body.

Here are a few guidelines to fing it out.


If possible take your mobile and make picture to see it right in front of you.

How your scar appears?

- not red

- not swollen

- no fixations at the edges

- a small white line

if one has a + your scar is still in the healing or stucked in one of the 4 healing phases


Softly touching your scar and as well the surrounding area around about 5-10 cm

How your scar and around it feels like?

- pain

- sensitive

- uncomfortable

- don´t like to touch

- strange

- hard, stiff or fixed

- compared to other areas not flexible

- cold

- numb

- tickeling

- not as a part of your body

if 1 is + your scar is not healed out if you have ++ answers and more you definitely have a scar problem and should look after it soon.

If the test results is that you have in teat 1 and 2 together more than 3 + your scar needs a support from outside.

its easy to help your scar to heal. Daily 5-10 min. the right and individual scar self treatment care will balance and recover all the problems your scar is tucked in.

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